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A Self-Assembled Tetracopper Triple-Stranded Helicate: Towards the Controlled Synthesis of Finite One-Dimensional Magnetic Chains


  • Financial support from The Nottingham Trent University, The Royal Society (University Research Fellowship to S.L.H. and equipment grant to C.J.M.), The Nuffield Foundation (NAL/00237/G), and EPSRC (Advanced Research Fellowship to D.J.P.) is gratefully acknowledged. We thank the EPSRC National Crystallography Service for preliminary structural data.


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Spiraling into control: A finite linear arrangement of four magnetically coupled copper(II) centers has been generated within a triple-stranded helical motif that was formed through a strict self-assembly process between a single octadentate ligand and CuII ions (see picture). This approach opens the way to constructing finite one-dimensional magnetic chains in a controlled manner.