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A Two-State DNA Lattice Switched by DNA Nanoactuator


  • We thank Prof. Erik Winfree for helpful discussions on using mismatched base pairs in the nanoactuator device. We also thank Dr. Yan Liu for assistance with the FRET measurements. This work has been supported by grants from the NSF to H.Y. (EIA-0218359) and to J.H.R. (EIA-00-86015), and from DARPA/AFSOR (F30602-01-2-0561) to J.H.R.


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Changing the dimensions of the mesh. A robust sequence-dependent DNA device termed a nanoactuator was incorporated into a 2D parallelogram DNA lattice. Conversion of the DNA nanoactuator between two well-defined states (S1 and S2, see picture) results in controlled motion of the lattice.

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