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Directed Evolution of Noble-Metal-Free Catalysts for the Oxidation of CO at Room Temperature


  • This project has been supported by the BMBF, project no. FKZ 03C0311. We thank Dr. Tesche and B. Spliethoff from the MPI für Kohlenforschung for valuable TEM/EDX investigations and A. Müller, UdS, for XRD measurements. We thank Dräger Safety AG & Co. KgaA and Dr. Ammann for supplying the reference catalyst Hopcalite and for valuable discussions.


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Directed catalyst evolution: IR-thermography and combinatorial library design (doping and composition spread) lead in a few generations to new, noble-metal-free catalysts for the low-temperature oxidation of CO in air. The picture shows the emissivity-corrected IR thermographic image of a catalyst library; the red dots denote the hits.