Self-Supporting Elastic Film without Covalent Linkages as a Hierarchically Integrated β-Sheet Assembly


  • This work was supported in part by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas (A), “Dynamic Control of Strongly Correlated Soft Materials” (No. 413/14045208), and a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (No. 14550831) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Culture, and Technology, Japan.


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Hierarchic self-assembly: The formation of a self-supporting elastic film without the use of macromolecular materials is described. The film is prepared by using a peptide-containing amphiphile that has three or four consecutive leucinate residues. The amphiphile initially forms β-sheet structures, which stack in a fastenerlike fashion between the side chains of leucine within the different β-sheets (see picture).