• cluster compounds;
  • nanoparticles;
  • silver;
  • structure elucidation;
  • sulfur
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With a maximum diameter of 3.7 nm, [Ag262S100(StBu)62(dppb)6] (dppb=1,4-bis(diphenylphosphanyl)butane) is the largest structurally characterized metal chalcogenide cluster (see picture, P green, S yellow and red, Ag blue). The Ag[BOND]S substructure has a relationship to structural characteristics observed in binary Ag2S phases: tetrahedral AgS4 and AgS3P units are linked by trigonal planar AgS3 and approximately linear AgS2 units. While the cluster periphery is well ordered, the Ag and S atomic sites in the center of the cluster are disordered. This observation is in accordance with macroscopic properties of Ag2S.