C74F38: An Exohedral Derivative of a Small-Bandgap Fullerene with D3 Symmetry


  • This work was supported by the Volkswagen Stiftung (I-77/855), the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (03-03-32756), the council on Grants of the President of the Russian Federation (MK-832.2003.03), and the U.S. National Science Foundation (CHE-9905482). We thank Prof. D. W. Grainger for the use of his HPLC equipment.


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Experimental support for the IPR-D3h structure of the empty-cage C74 fullerene (IPR=isolated pentagon rule) has been obtained from an exohedral derivative of the small-bandgap fullerene D3-C74F38 (see picture). Selective fluorination is proposed as a general procedure for protecting nonextractable fullerenes and their endohedral derivatives.