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Copper(I)-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrosilylations of Imines at Ambient Temperatures


  • We thank the NSF (CHE 0213522) for financial support, and Takasago for a research assistantship to H.S. We are also indebted to Dr. Takao Saito (Takasago), Drs. Rudolf Schmid and Michelangelo Scalone (Roche), Drs. Hans-Ulrich Blaser and Marc Thommen (Solvias) for supplying the SEGPHOS, BIPHEP, and JOSIPHOS ligands, respectively, used in this study.


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Are you looking for an operationally simple means of preparing enantio-enriched benzylic-like centers bearing nitrogen? Consider this new and convenient alternative to asymmetric hydrogenation: CuH when ligated by an enantiopure SEGPHOS ligand can catalytically reduce aryl ketimines at room temperature in high yields and even higher ee values (see scheme; TMDS=tetramethyldisiloxane).

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