Stepwise Construction of Oligomeric 1,2-Diselenolene Platinum(IV) Complexes


  • This research has been supported by DGI Spain (Projects BQU2003-00760 and BQU2003-01677), DGR Catalonia (Project 2001SGR00362), FCT Portugal (Contract POCTI/35342/QUI/2000), and the ICCT-CSIC bilateral agreement which also benefited from COST D14. The authors thank D. Amabilino for fruitful discussions.


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Surrounded by selenium: Pulse field gradient spin-echo (PGSE) NMR diffusion studies of a mixture of oligomeric 1,2-diselenolene PtIV complexes are performed to characterize the species in solution (see structure: n=0 (1), n=1 (2), n=2 (3); red Pt, green Se, blue N, gray C). The results are in accord with the single-crystal X-ray diffraction structures obtained for the chiral complexes {PtIVSe6} (1) and {PtIV2Se10} (2).