Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Organoclay-Wrapped Biomolecules


  • We thank Dr. T. Ikoma (National Institute for Materials Science, Biomaterials Center, Tsukuba, Japan), Dr. D. Scott, Mrs G. Shaw and Dr. A. M. Seddon (University of Bristol) for help with CD spectroscopy, AUC, mass spectroscopy, and enzyme kinetics, respectively. The EPSRC (UK), Max Planck Society, and University of Bristol (ORS award to A.J.P.) are acknowledged for their financial support.


original image

Gift wrapped: Biomolecules can be enveloped within an ultrathin shell of an aminopropyl-functionalized magnesium (organo)phyllosilicate to produce aqueous dispersions of discrete protein–inorganic nanoparticles. Similar procedures but with organoclay oligomers that have pendent long-chain hydrophobic moieties result in self-assembly of the protein–inorganic nanoparticles into higher-order superstructures (see picture).