Intermolecular Dienyl Pauson–Khand Reaction


  • This research was supported by a grant (CHE-9800445) from the National Science Foundation. High-resolution mass spectra were provided by the University of California, San Francisco. X-ray crystallographic data was collected at the University of California, Berkeley (CHEXRAY). Fellowship assistance from Eli Lilly and Co. (N.M.D. and T.J.W.) is gratefully acknowledged.


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Three-component [2+2+1] cycloadditions are facilitated by the use of dienes as activated two-carbon-atom components in a RhI-catalyzed intermolecular variant of the Pauson–Khand reaction (see scheme). The enhanced reactivity of the dienes allows efficient access to a variety of alkenyl cyclopentenones from commercially or readily available starting materials. R1, R2=alkyl, silyl, carbonyl; R3=Me, Bn.