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Enantioselective Organocatalytic Cyclopropanation via Ammonium Ylides


  • We gratefully acknowledge Pfizer Global Research and Development (Dr. Blanda Stammen, Sandwich (UK)) and the EPSRC for an Industrial Case Award (to C.D.P), Novartis (to S.V.L.), and Magdalene College and Ramsay Memorial Trust (to M.J.G.) for Research Fellowships.


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Highly functionalized cyclopropanes can be produced with excellent enantioselectivity through an amine-catalyzed organocatalytic cyclopropanation process (see scheme). Catalytically generated asymmetric ammonium ylides mediate the reaction, and the cyclopropane products can be produced as either enantiomer by using quinine- or quinidine-derived catalysts.

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