“Designer Acids”: Combined Acid Catalysis for Asymmetric Synthesis



Lewis and Brønsted acids can be utilized as more-effective tools for chemical reactions by sophisticated engineering (“designer acids”). The ultimate goal of such “designer acids” is to form a combination of acids with higher reactivity, selectivity, and versatility than the individual acid catalysts. One possible way to take advantage of such abilities may be to apply a “combined acids system” to the catalyst design. The concept of combined acids, which can be classified into Brønsted acid assisted Lewis acid (BLA), Lewis acid assisted Lewis acid (LLA), Lewis acid assisted Brønsted acid (LBA), and Brønsted acid assisted Brønsted acid (BBA), can be a particularly useful tool for the design of asymmetric catalysis, because combining such acids will bring out their inherent reactivity by associative interaction, and also provide more-organized structures that allow an effective asymmetric environment.