Green and Red Three-Photon Upconversion from Polymeric Lanthanide(III) Complexes


  • The authors acknowledge the financial support of the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (HKU 1/01C), The University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Baptist University. We thank The University of Hong Kong for a postgraduate studentship (K.L.W.) and a postdoctoral fellowship (W.M.K.).


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Red light, green light! Emission through three-photon upconversion processes from polymeric organic–lanthanide complexes (lanthanide, Ln=Tb, Eu) was observed upon excitation of the tripodal organic ligand at 845 nm. Multiphoton absorption by the ligand followed by a transfer of energy to Ln (see picture; S=singlet state, T=triplet state) gives rise to characteristic Eu (red) or Tb (green) emission.