Total Synthesis of (−)-Dictyostatin: Confirmation of Relative and Absolute Configurations


  • We thank the National Institutes of Health for funding this work, Y.S. thanks the University of Pittsburgh for a Graduate Excellence Fellowship, J.H.F. thanks FCAR, and A.M.B. thanks the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for postdoctoral fellowships. We also thank Professor Billy Day for helpful discussions, Dr. Cherry Herald for spectra of dictyostatin, Dr. Amy Wright for permission to compare samples, and Prof. Ian Paterson for comparing the samples and kindly agreeing to joint publication.


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Will the real dictyostatin please stand up? There were five finalists as stereostructures for the potent anticancer agent dictyostatin; ten, if one were to include enantiomers. A total synthesis of (−)-dictyostatin (1) has ended the decade-old masquerade and identified the winner as a structure recently proposed by Paterson and Wright.