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Asymmetric Double Proton Transfer of Excited 1:1 7-Azaindole/Alcohol Complexes with Anomalously Large and Temperature-Independent Kinetic Isotope Effects


  • This work was supported by the Strategic National R&D Program (M1-0214-00-0108). O.H.K. and Y.K. received support from the Brain Korea 21 Program and the Korea Research Foundation (grant 2002-070-C00048), respectively.


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Bridging alcohols, tunneling protons: The intrinsic proton-transfer dynamics of cyclic H-bonded 1:1 7-azaindole/alcohol complexes in n-alkanes has been investigated at the lowest-lying excited singlet state with variation of alcohol, solvent, isotope, and temperature by using static and time-resolved spectroscopy. The proton transfer occurs asymmetrically, and the rate is governed by tunneling although it is assisted by heavy-atom motions.