AFM-Tip-Integrated Amperometric Microbiosensors: High-Resolution Imaging of Membrane Transport


  • This work is supported by NSF (grant 0216368) within the program “Biocomplexity in the Environment”, the National Institute of Health (grant EB000508), and the “Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung” Austria (grants P14122-CHE and J2230). PCT patent on this technology: WO0194877A1.


original image

A probing combination: Integration of amperometric microbiosensors into combined tips for AFM–scanning electrochemical microscopy allows specific detection of molecular species independent of the AFM measurement, but correlated in space and time with the surface morphology. The applicability of this multidimensional approach is demonstrated by imaging glucose transport across porous membranes at the nanoscale (see picture).