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White-Light Emission from an Assembly Comprising Luminescent Iridium and Europium Complexes


  • The authors acknowledge Roche Diagnostics, Philips Research, and the Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research (SENTER, Project No. TSGE3140) for funding the project. Dr. R. Williams and Dr. B. Göötz are acknowledged for their help with time-resolved and gated experiments. Dr. C. A. Schalley, Prof. F. Vögtle, and J. van Heyst are acknowledged for mass spectrometry analyses.


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Red, white, and blue: White light was obtained by partial energy transfer (∂ET) between a blue-emitting IrIII–phenylpyridine complex and a red-emitting EuIII–terpyridine chelate through excitation of the assembly that is formed from the two metal complexes (see picture).