Supramolecular Interactions as Determining Factors of the Geometry of Metallic Building Blocks: Tetracarboxylate Dimanganese Species


  • This work was supported by DGESIC (BQU2001-3715) and the Junta de Andalucía, and by EC RTN QUEMOLNA (FP6-504880) and the Italian MIUR with an FIRB grant. We thank Dante Masi for technical assistance with the X-ray analyses.


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Supramolecular structures are generated from manganese thiodiacetate (tda) units and substituted bipyridine (bipy) ligands (see pictures). Analysis of the π-stacking and DFT calculations for isolated binuclear units suggest that, in some cases, the geometry of the building blocks depends ultimately on the strength of noncovalent interactions between the 1D coordination polymers.