Simultaneous Observation of Green Multiphoton Upconversion and Red and Blue NLO Processes from Polymeric Terbium(III) Complexes


  • The authors acknowledge the financial support of the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (HKU 1/01C) and The University of Hong Kong. K.-L.W. and G.-L.L. acknowledge postgraduate studentships administered by The University of Hong Kong. W.-M.K. acknowledges a research assistant professorship administered by The University of Hong Kong. NLO=nonlinear optics.


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Red, green, and blue emissions are observed simultaneously for an organoterbium complex that displays remarkable multiphoton upconversion when excited by a near-infrared light source. The system undergoes two nonlinear optics processes simultaneously: second and third harmonic generation (SHG: red emission; THG: blue), and four-photon upconversion (green) for excitation at λ≈1.26 (see diagram).