Enantiomerically Pure Polytungstates: Chirality Transfer through Zirconium Coordination Centers to Nanosized Inorganic Clusters


  • We gratefully acknowledge the National Science Foundation (Grant CHE-0236686) for funding the research, and Grant CHE-9974864 for funding the D8 X-ray instrument.


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Small but influential: Chirality transfer from a small chiral organic unit (D- or L-tartrate) to a very large metal–oxide framework is demonstrated by the enantiomerically pure, nonracemizing polytungstates d- or L-1 (see picture, the central part is shown in polyhedral form; purple Zr, gray W, blue P, black C, red O). The tartrate unit determines the absolute configuration of the inorganic moiety, offering a new method to control the chirality of polyoxoanions.