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The Ball-Shaped Heteropolytungstates [{Sn(CH3)2(H2O)}24{Sn(CH3)2}12(A-XW9O34)12]36−


  • U.K. thanks the International University Bremen for research support, the Florida State University Chemistry Department (USA) for unlimited access to the single-crystal X-ray diffractometer, and Prof. A. Müller, Dr. H. Bögge (both Bielefeld University), and Dr. M. H. Dickman (IUB) for helpful discussions. Figure 1–7 were generated by Diamond Version 3 (copyright Crystal Impact GbR). Figure 8 is courtesy of Dr. Bögge. X=P, As.


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Great balls of tungsten: Two polyoxotungstates with spectacular size (almost 1000 atoms), molar mass (approximately 33 000 g mol−1), and spherical symmetry have been synthesized. The dimethyltin-substituted [{Sn(CH3)2(H2O)}24{Sn(CH3)2}12(A-XW9O34)12]36− ions (see polyhedral representation; X=P, As; red octahedra WO6, yellow tetrahedra XO4) consist of 12 (A-XW9O34) Keggin moieties linked by 36 dimethyltin groups resulting in a spherical structure with a cavity 8 Å in diameter.

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