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Reactions of Gold(III) Oxo Complexes with Cyclic Alkenes


  • Support from the University of Sassari (60 %) is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Mrs. E. Azara (ICB, CNR, Sassari) and Dr. A. Furesi (PMP, USSL, Sassari) for performing GC-MS and LC-MS analyses. Thanks are also due to Dr. G. A. Chelucci (Dipartimento di Chimica, Università di Sassari) for support in the organic syntheses and simulation of NMR spectra.


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An auraoxetane, obtained from the reaction of norbornene with a gold(III) oxo complex, has been isolated and fully characterized (see structure). Action of the olefin leads to elimination of the epoxide from the auraoxetane.