Unusual Structure and Reactivity of a Homoleptic “Super-Ate” Complex of Iron: Implications for Grignard Additions, Cross-Coupling Reactions, and the Kharasch Deconjugation


  • Generous financial support by the MPG and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Dr. B. Scheiper for performing the reaction of enol triflate 8.


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The additional molecule of methyllithium present in [(Me4Fe)(MeLi)][Li(OEt2)]2 (1), the first structurally characterized ate complex of FeII bearing only alkyl substituents without any further stabilizing ligands (see picture: Fe: magenta; Li: cyan; O: red; C and H: gray), is a particularly remarkable structural feature and contributes to the fascinating reactivity profile of 1 in the title reactions.