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A Supramolecular Bundling Approach toward the Alignment of Conjugated Polymers


  • We thank Dr. N. Fujita and Dr. M. Ikeda for fruitful discussions. M.T. and Y.K. thank Prof. A. Ikeda for kindly supplying compound 2. Y.K. thanks the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists for financial support. This study was supported partially by a Sumitomo Chemical Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry Japan, a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B (17350071), and the 21st Century COE Program, “Functional Innovation of Molecular Informatics,” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports, and Technology (Japan).


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All line up together! A new concept for the alignment and assembly of conjugated polymers through the action of supramolecular bundling (“aligner”) molecules is inspired by actin-filament bundling proteins. The approach provides a general means of preparing complex, ordered assemblies of conjugated polymers.

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