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Colorimetric Screening of DNA-Binding Molecules with Gold Nanoparticle Probes


  • This work was supported by the NIH through a Director's Pioneer Award to C.A.M., the NCI through a CCNE, the NSF, and the AFOSR. M.S.H. is grateful for a fellowship from the Korea Research Foundation (MOEHRD, Basic Research Promotion Fund) (Grant no. M01-2003-000-10140-0).


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Nanoparticle assemblies interconnected with DNA can be used to screen for DNA-binding molecules colorimetrically. The melting temperature of the nanoparticle assembly increases in the presence of strong-DNA-binding molecules. Thus, the strength of the DNA binding can be determined by the change in this sharp melting transition, which is observable by a blue-to-red color change (see picture).

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