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A Supramolecular Photocatalyst for the Production of Hydrogen and the Selective Hydrogenation of Tolane


  • We thank Prof. D. Walther (Jena) for support and inspiration, and also the referees for their helpful comments. This work was supported financially by the DFG (SFB 436) and Enterprise Ireland SC20030074.


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Light-driven metallo-organic catalysis: Intramolecular photoelectron transfer in the heterodinuclear complex 1 facilitates the photocatalytic production of hydrogen and the selective hydrogenation of tolane to give cis-stilbene. All three well-coordinated parts of the supramolecular system are essential: the (tbbpy)2Ru fragment as a photoactive unit, the redox-active bridging ligand as an electron relay and storage site, and the palladium as a catalytically active center.

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