Molecular Self-Assembly of Macroporous Parallelogrammatic Pipes


  • Financial support by the BK 21 program and by the Basic Research Program of the KOSEF (grant number R01-2006-000-11258-0) is acknowledged. The authors thank J. Lee for X-ray crystallography, Prof. C. Shin for CP-MAS 13C NMR measurements and porosity evaluation, and Prof. T. Hayakawa and Photron Ltd. for the real-time imaging of the pipe growth.


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The pipes, the pipes are calling: Organic parallelogram-shaped pipes of micrometer dimensions have been obtained by simply allowing drops of a solution of low-molecular-weight compounds to evaporate. This unique structure is formed by self-templated crystal growth during the evaporation. The mechanism of formation involves two polymorphic crystal forms in dynamic nonequilibrium conditions.