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2D NMR Spectroscopic Evidence for Unprecedented Interactions of cis-[Rh2(dap)(μ-O2CCH3)21-O2CCH3)(CH3OH)](O2CCH3) with a DNA Oligonucleotide: Combination of Intercalative and Coordinative Binding


  • K.R.D. is grateful to the Robert A. Welch Foundation for support of this research. dap=1,12-diazaperylene.


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Slip it in: The dual capability of intercalation and coordination binding of dirhodium complexes was observed in the reaction of the title complex with d(CTCTCAACTTCC). A major adduct with the 1,12-diazaperylene (dap) group intercalated between the A6 and A7 residues was produced. Additionally, the Rh atom that is not bound to the dap group forms a coordinative bond to the N7 site of A6.

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