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Enzymatically Derived Sugar-Containing Self-Assembled Organogels with Nanostructured Morphologies


  • We thank Dr. Maura Weathers of the Cornell Center for Material Research (CCMR) for small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) measurements and Dr. Praveen of CCNY, CUNY for calculations. This research was supported by an NSF-Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center at Rensselaer (DMR-0117792).


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The long and short of it: A regioselective enzyme-catalyzed acylation of the disaccharide trehalose generated a family of low-molecular-weight gelators with unprecedented properties. The selectivity of enzymatic catalysis enables direct control over gelation properties by simply varying the acyl-chain length to give gelation in solvents ranging from the highly hydrophilic acetonitrile to the highly hydrophobic cyclohexane.