Tuning Linear Copolymers into Protein-Specific Hosts


  • We thank Dr. J. Piehler (Biocenter Frankfurt University) for the opportunity to perform RIfS measurements in his group. C.R. is also indebted to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for funding. We gratefully acknowledge generous support from Prof. Hynes (National University of Ireland, Galway) by providing his WinEQNMR program to evaluate 2:1 complexation events. The disclosure of preliminary results from a cell-wall degradation assay with lysozyme by Kirstin Wenck is also gratefully acknowledged.


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Being picky: A new concept for selective protein recognition by artificial receptor molecules involves statistical copolymerization of simple binding monomers in defined stoichiometric ratios. As an example of its efficiency, an arginine-rich lysozyme is recognized by a bisphosphonate-rich copolymer with a remarkable Kd value of 25 nM, 100-times superior to that of cytochrome c, which is comparable in size and isoelectric point.