Na2Li8[(UO2)11O12(WO5)2]: Three Different Uranyl-Ion Coordination Geometries and Cation–Cation Interactions


  • This work was financially supported by a DFG research grant to W.D. (De412/30-1) and an Alexander von Humboldt Institutional Cooperation grant (to W.D. and S.V.K.). S.V.K. thanks the Russian Ministry of Science and Education for financial support (grants RNP and 02.442.11.7301). E.V.A. was supported in this work by a DAAD postdoctoral fellowship and the President of the Russian Federation program for young candidates of science (grant MK-1669.2005.2).


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Uranyl interactions: The title compound is the first example of an actinide compound that contains three different actinyl-ion coordination geometries, namely, octahedral, pentagonal bipyramidal, and hexagonal bipyramidal. Strong cation–cation interactions between the uranyl ions lead to pentamers with a rather unusual configuration (see picture; U dark gray, O light gray).