Dual-Mode Nanoparticle Probes for High-Performance Magnetic Resonance and Fluorescence Imaging of Neuroblastoma


  • We thank Dr. H. S. Kwon and J.-M. Oh for TEM analyses (KBSI-Chuncheon), and Prof. J.-S. Suh, Prof. Y.-M. Huh (Yonsei), Dr. O. H. Han, and S. H. Kim for MRI (KBSI-Daegu). This work was supported in part by the National Research Laboratory (M10600000255), R&D Program for Cancer Control of Ministry of Health & Welfare (0320250-2), NCRC (R15-2004-024-00000-0), NCI Center for Nanotechnology Excellence, IT Leading R&D Support Project, AOARD-AFOSR, 2nd stage BK21 for Medical Science and Chemistry, and Korea Health 21 R&D Project of Ministry of Health & Welfare (A050260).


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Working together: A “core–satellite” hybrid nanoparticle probe provides highly improved fluorescence and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging capabilities through synergistic enhancement of its respective components. These hybrid nanoprobes can be used for dual-modal fluorescence and MR imaging of neuroblastoma with expressed polysialic acids.