Mild Electrophilic Trifluoromethylation of Carbon- and Sulfur-Centered Nucleophiles by a Hypervalent Iodine(III)–CF3 Reagent


  • P. Butti is acknowledged for determining the crystal structure of 1 and for helpful discussions, R. Lösel for the synthesis of S10, and F. Choffat for DSC and TGA measurements of 1 and 5. This research was supported by the ETH Zurich.


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Inexpensive, recyclable, and activable: these are the features of a new mild electrophilic trifluoromethylation reagent that can be used to transfer a CF3 group to C-centered nucleophiles, such as β-keto esters and α-nitro esters, and to S-centered nucleophiles (see scheme).