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Domino Ring-Opening/Recyclization Reactions of Doubly Activated Cyclopropanes as a Strategy for the Synthesis of Furoquinoline Derivatives


  • Financial support of this research by the Key Grant Project of the Chinese Ministry of Education (10412), the NNSFC (20672019), and the Science Foundation for Young Teachers of Northeast Normal University (20060301) is gratefully acknowledged.


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In one easy step, doubly activated cyclopropanes 1 can be transformed into furoquinoline derivatives 2 through a tandem ring-opening/recyclization reaction mediated by SnCl4⋅5 H2O. A variety of substrates 1 derived from cheap starting materials were converted into the corresponding furoquinolines in good to excellent yields with high chemo- and regioselectivity. R=H, Me, OMe, Cl, or aromatic group is naphthyl.

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