A Concise Total Synthesis of the Notoamides C and D


  • We thank Dr. C. Rithner for assistance with the spectroscopic analyses. We are grateful to the National Institutes of Health for financial support to R.M.W (CA70375) and the generous NSRA postdoctoral fellowship for G.D.A. (GM72296–01). Mass spectra were obtained on instruments supported by the NIH Shared Instrument Grant GM49631. We are also grateful to Dr. I. Sattler of the Hans–Knöll Institute for kindly providing NMR spectra of the norgeamides.


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A unique oxidation: The first total synthesis of the prenylated indole alkaloids notoamide C and D was accomplished by using a biomimetic oxidation pathway. Oxidation of the putative biosynthetic precursor 1 was achieved in a one-pot reaction to afford notoamide C, its epimer, and notoamide D (see scheme).