Remarkably Simple Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Surfaces Using Electroless Galvanic Deposition


  • The authors wish to thank First Ten Angstroms Inc., Portsmouth, VA (USA), and First Ten Angstroms Europe, Cambridge (UK), for contact-angle measurements, J. Patrick for technical assistance with SEM investigations, and Prof. A. P. de Silva for useful discussions. I.L. wishes to thank DEL(NI) for a postgraduate studentship.


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Superhydrophobic surfaces with contact angles between 173° and 180° can be produced simply by spontaneous deposition of a textured gold or silver coating layer, followed by a self-assembled monolayer of polyfluoroalkyl thiol. Objects of any size or shape may be coated. For example, the metal “pond skater” (photo) stands on superhydrophobic copper legs.