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Chromium(0) Alkynylcarbene Complexes as Cβ-Electrophilic Carbene Equivalents: Regioselective Access to Dienynes and Dienediynes


  • We are grateful to the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (grant CTQ 2004-08077-C02-01, predoctoral fellowships to P.G.-G. and D. de S.) and the Principado de Asturias (project IB05-136, predoctoral fellowship to R.B.R.) for financial support. We also thank Dr. A. L. Suárez-Sobrino for his assistance with the X-ray crystallographic analysis.


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Just one step is all that is needed for a direct, selective, and easy synthesis of different conjugated enyne frameworks from simple chromium alkynylcarbene complexes and commercially available 2-methoxyfuran (see scheme).