Phloroglucinol Derivatives Guttiferone G, Aristoforin, and Hyperforin: Inhibitors of Human Sirtuins SIRT1 and SIRT2


  • We thank Prof. Peter Welzel for helpful discussions and the Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (BioChancePLUS) for financial support.


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Preventative medicine: The natural products guttiferone G and hyperforin (1) as well as the synthetic aristoforin (2) are inhibitors of human SIRT1 and SIRT2. Guttiferone G and 2 are less toxic but stronger inhibitors of cell proliferation than 1. These compounds may be valuable tools for epigenetics and for the elucidation of the biological role of sirtuins in processes such as cancer, ageing, neurodegenerative diseases, adipositas, and diabetes.