N-Phosphino Sulfinamide Ligands: An Efficient Manner To Combine Sulfur Chirality and Phosphorus Coordination Behavior


  • This work was supported by MEC-MYCT (CTQ2005-623). X.V. thanks the DURSI for “Distinció per a la Promoció de la Recerca Universitaria”. J.S. thanks the DURSI and Universitat de Barcelona for a fellowship.


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Four in a row: Four linked heteroatoms (P-N-S-O) constitute the backbone of N-phosphino tert-butylsulfinamides, a novel class of chiral ligands (see picture, P yellow, N blue, S magenta, O red). Carbon substituents surrounding the central heteroatomic spine transmit the chirality of the sulfur center throughout the ligand. As bidentate P,S ligands in dicobalt–alkyne complexes, they can be used in the asymmetric intermolecular Pauson–Khand reaction.