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Hierarchical Self-Assembly of One-Dimensional Streptavidin Bundles as a Collagen Mimetic for the Biomineralization of Calcite


  • This work was supported by the Canton of Neuchâtel and the Swiss National Science Foundation (Grants FN 200021-105192 and 200020-113348). We thank Prof. C. R. Cantor for providing us with the streptavidin gene, A. Ivanova for producing streptavidin, and L. Addadi, F. Seebeck, and E. Verrechia for insightful comments.


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Bundle up: The introduction of streptavidin (as a linker) between two FeII(terpyridine–bis-biotin) connectors affords a one-dimensional metal–organic protein framework (MOPF). In the presence of calcium ions and CO2 vapors, these MOPF aggregates form protein bundles that template the biomineralization of calcite.