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Fabrication of Cellular Multilayers with Nanometer-Sized Extracellular Matrix Films


  • This work was supported by an Industrial Technology Research Grant Program in 2006 (06B44017a) from NEDO of Japan, partly by a Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (No. 18700426), the Mazda Foundation (05KK-241), and Osaka University 21st Century COE program “Center for Integrated Cell and Tissue Regulation”.


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Layer it on: Cellular multilayers were fabricated by preparing nanometer-sized extracellular matrix (ECM) films (6-nm thick) with fibronectin (FN) and gelatin on the surface of each cell layer. The four-layer cellular architecture was well organized and self-standing. Xenogenic human bilayer architectures similar to blood vessels were prepared by fabrication of the nanofilms on cell surfaces.