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The Geometric and Electronic Structure of a One-Electron-Oxidized Nickel(II) Bis(salicylidene)diamine Complex


  • This work was supported by an NIH grant (GM-50730), and an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship (T.S.). SSRL operations are funded by the DOE, Office of Basic Energy Services. We thank Prof. E. I. Solomon for the use of EPR and UV/Vis/NIR instruments, P. Verma and Dr. S. Gorelsky for helpful DFT discussions, and Prof. R. Mukherjee for X-ray analysis.


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Class III delocalization? The isolation and analysis of the ligand-radical title complex has allowed description of the changes in bonding from the reduced form as well as the extent of delocalization. The intense low-energy absorption of the oxidized complex can be described as a ligand-radical transition of a highly delocalized class III mixed-valence compound.