Multistep Continuous-Flow Microchemical Synthesis Involving Multiple Reactions and Separations


  • H.R.S. acknowledges financial support from the Martin Fellowship. We thank the MIT MicroChemical Systems Technology Center for support, Michael Cerrata for suggesting the model chemistry, the staff of the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories for assistance with microfabrication, and the staff at the Department of Chemistry Instrumentation Facility for assistance with analysis. NMR analysis was possible in part by NSF award numbers CHE-9808061 and DBI-9729592.


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All for one and one for all: A continuous-flow, multistep microchemical synthesis of carbamates starting from aqueous azide and organic azoyl chloride by using the Curtius rearrangement reaction is described. The procedure involves three reaction steps and two separation steps (one gas–liquid and one liquid–liquid). Formation of a microreactor network for parallel synthesis of analogous compounds is also demonstrated.