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Will We Soon Be Fueling our Automobiles with Ammonia–Borane?


  • I thank Dr. R. T. Baker and Profs. D. M. Heinekey, I. Manners, and D. W. Stephan for helpful discussions, Dr. Baker for a preprint of Ref. [5], and Prof. C. B. Musgrave for a preprint of Ref. [19].


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The B all and N all? Ammonia–borane (AB, H3NBH3) contains 19.6 weight % H, and is one of the materials currently being examined as a possible H2 source for use in fuel cells to power automobiles. Challenges for this technology are noted, and recent advances, especially in the development of both transition-metal and acid catalysts which promote H2 release from AB under mild conditions, are highlighted.