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Synthesis and Lithographic Patterning of FePt Nanoparticles Using a Bimetallic Metallopolyyne Precursor


  • I.M. and H.E.R. are grateful to the NSERC AGENO program for supporting this research, and I.M. thanks the Canadian Government for a Canada Research Chair. W.-Y.W. thanks the Hong Kong Research Grants Council for a CERG grant (project no. HKBU2021/06P) and the Hong Kong Baptist University (FRG/05-06/I-63) for financial support. We also thank Prof. P. D. Harvey for assistance in GPC measurements and H. Wang for DLS measurements.


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Micropatterns of arrays of ferromagnetic face-centered tetragonal FePt nanoparticles can be fabricated from thin films of a novel air- and moisture-stable bimetallic polyferroplatinyne precursor, which can be utilized directly as a negative resist in both electron-beam lithography and UV photolithography.

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