Lanthanum Does Form Stable Molecular Compounds in the +2 Oxidation State


  • We thank the Leverhulme Trust and Institut Universitaire de France for the financial support, CalMip and CINES for computational time, and Prof. K. Prassides for magnetic measurements.


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Getting down to business: Reduction of the LaIII tricyclopentadienide complex [LaCp′′3] (Cp′′=η5-1,3-(SiMe3)2C5H3) by K and [18]crown-6 or [2,2,2]cryptand produced thermally stable mononuclear crystalline lanthanate(II) salts. The La +2 oxidation state in these complexes was confirmed both in solution (EPR) and the solid state (EPR, SQUID, X-ray diffraction) and was supported by a computational study.