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Macroscopically Ordered Polymer/CaCO3 Hybrids Prepared by Using a Liquid-Crystalline Template


  • This study was partially supported by Grant-in-Aid for the Global COE Program for Chemistry Innovation (T.K. and Y.Y.), Exploratory Research (17655048) (T.K.), and Encouragement of Young Scientists B (19750106) (TN) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We also thank Drs. H. Tsunakawa and K. Ibe for the measurement of TEM images.


original image

Unidirectionally aligned hybrids consisting of chitin and calcite were obtained by template crystallization of CaCO3 in an ordered chitin film with nematic liquid-crystalline molecular alignment. The picture shows the resulting chitin matrix containing CaCO3 rods, schematically and in the form of an optical micrograph, and the selected-area electron diffraction pattern of a thin section of a single rod.