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Janus Colloids Formed by Biphasic Grafting at a Pickering Emulsion Interface


  • We thank Prof. Zhibing Hu of the University of North Texas and Prof. Yunfeng Lu of UCLA for helpful discussions. This work was supported by the NSF (China) (50733004, 50325313, 20128004, and 50521302), CAS, and Chinese MOST (2004-01-09, KJCX2-SW-H07, and 2003CB615600).


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A two-faced synthesis: Biphasic grafting at a Pickering emulsion interface leads to the formation of Janus colloids (see scheme; ATRP: atom transfer radical polymerization), which form Janus composite colloids by the preferential growth of desired materials in specific regions of the original colloids. This approach is general and can be extended to the synthesis of a huge family of such colloids.