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Electron-Density Investigation of Metal–Metal Bonding in the Dinuclear “Borylene” Complex [{Cp(CO)2Mn}2(μ-BtBu)]


  • This work was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft within the priority program 1178 Experimental charge density as the key to understand chemical interactions, the Volkswagenstiftung, Dr. A. C. Stückl, Dr. M. John, and Dr. S. Demeshko by EPR, SQUID, and NMR data.


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Close but not bonded are the two manganese atoms in the title borylene complex. The charge-density study demonstrates that the μ-bridging BR ligand forms valence shell charge concentrations to each metal center rather than a single one to the metal–metal midpoint as found for the isolobal C[DOUBLE BOND]O ligand in analogous dinuclear species.

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