Bacterial Acyltransferases as an Alternative for Lipase-Catalyzed Acylation for the Production of Oleochemicals and Fuels



Bacterial acyltransferases are a new class of enzymes, and the first member was identified as WS/DGAT in Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1. Their unspecificity have been used in several biotechnological applications for lipid modification, a field that has been dominated by the use of lipases. Examples are the biosynthesis of jojoba-like wax esters and fatty-acid ethyl esters. In addition, these enzymes are also capable of synthesizing acylthioesters. Acyloxoesters and acylthioesters can thus be produced in vivo by whole-cell fermentations rather than in vitro in an enzyme reactor. In this Minireview, we focus on the biotechnological utilization of acyltransferases for the production of modified lipids from renewable resources.